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Maintenance Services

One of the most important aspects of Association Management is the care and upkeep of the physical property. Whether the common areas consist of a sign and a small grassy island, a clubhouse, swimming pools, tennis courts, golf courses, bike trails, boat slips and docks, acres of green spaces, or a combination of the above, the manager and the in-house Maintenance Department work in tandem to prepare and implement a Long-Term Maintenance Plan specifically developed for the Association. 

The Maintenance Plan would provide a detailed explanation the goals of the community and the procedures that would be implemented to achieve these goals.  FCAM acknowledges that it is critical that they provide the expertise, evaluation, and inspections necessary to ensure that the Association's property is maintained to the highest standards.  A sample Maintenance Plan would consist of the following:

  • Initial property inspection of all interior and exterior common areas and thorough evaluation of all maintenance equipment and systems
  • Complete study of job descriptions and an assessment of on-site personnel (if applicable)
  • Review of current vendor contracts for quality and cost effectiveness
  • Presentation of findings and recommendations to the Board of Directors
  • Implementation of energy, utility, deferred maintenance and water management savings programs
  • Compliance study to ensure that policies are within federal, state and document guidelines
  • Analysis of projected capital projects
Keeping in mind the results and long-term goals of the Maintenance Plan, FCAM is pro-active regarding the care of the community on a day-to-day basis, 24 hours a day, 7 days week!  Through regular property inspections, the manager and maintenance staff identifies and quickly solves site-related issues effectively and efficiently. 

Monthly Property Inspection and Managers' Reports are provided to the Board of Directors. Our in-house technicians coupled with our list of highly screened, licensed, bonded and insured vendors assure the level of service that each community deserves.  Projects are monitored, inspected, and approved for payment, before the check is cut, ensuring that the community gets what they pay for!

Whether the physical needs of your community require writing project specifications, soliciting bids, negotiating and preparing vendor contracts, generating violation letters, or inspecting work and materials prior to payments, the manager and our Maintenance Staff are qualified to provide professional services and cost-effective management.  For more information contact

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